Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day Off

Today I had a day off from work, which I live for. I have so many things on my to-do list, it's nice to have some time to catch up. I often feel overwhelmed, but today I had goals/deadlines. So it helps me focus more. Daddy-O's birthday is nine days away and I usually drive myself crazy thinking about what to get him, and then end up getting us a room at his holiday party when I come up empty. This year his birthday party and holiday party are farther apart and I wanted to make him something. I am also on a very low budget this year, so I was cruising the net for ideas (again) and came across one on my favorite blogs, I am Momma Hear Me Roar. She has boys as well and has some great ideas. I tend to think that boys are harder to come up with homemade gifts for than girls, but surely there are some things that are easier with boys no?
Today my goal was to work on Daddy-O's gift while he was at work. The boys and I made him some work snacks, from a guest post of I am Momma Hear Me Roar's author, Cheri. I added the mustaches, which are definite giggle getter's. I had a lot of fun making this gift, and I used up some scrap booking materials.

James picked Whoppers, and his label is "sweet", Harlon picked peanuts and his label says "a real nut!" Mom picked out chocolate covered Ritz crackers and her label says "irresistible". Are we talking about the snacks? or the characters? :)

Daddy-O will also be getting some flannel pajama bottoms. The flannel is supreme, and so was the price but it will be worth it to call him Fancy pants. I got the majority of them sewed before I had to clean up for his arrival home.
Since the boys were at swim lessons, I did not help out at school this week, but I did bring home Ellie the elephant who needed some major surgery! So far I took out her insides, made pattern pieces and cut out some new pretty lining for Ellie. I hope to finish her up soon so she can return to reading to the Kindergarten class!
I also got some gold one shot delivered the other day, but did not get to that yet.
Lastly, my son came home last night and claimed I could color in his coloring book photo on the front of his folder. I started coloring it last night, makes me happy coloring, but didn't finish it. This morning I awoke to crying about how I wasn't supposed to color the whole thing in and his lips looked like girls. The whole nine yards. Thank goodness the school secretary came to the rescue and printed him out a new one! He told me tonight I could keep the colored in one. I think I will, and finish coloring it too!

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