Thursday, November 1, 2012

What inspires art?

Watching "Sweet Genius" with my boys, and they are using bacon(not such a challenge?) and puppies to create desserts. "What are the puppies for?" my youngest son asks. Giggling to my self thinking that he is having visions of puppies going into cupcakes, I assure him "They are using them for inspiration.". "What's inspiration?" Children have the best qusetions. One definition, to stimulate to action; motivate, brings to mind a question. What inspires my art?
Surely I am aware of artists being inspired by love, poverty, religion, and money, but when I create art, I am not sure what inspires me. In a general statement I could say beauty, but really there is beauty in everything, and what calls to me in certain objects more than others? No answers....but perhaps no answers are needed. Here's what I do know, drawing faces, particularly women's faces, brings me much joy and challenges me.
Today I sketched, what else, a woman. I am not satisfied with her, but I rarely am, another curse of the artist, so I decided to stop. After all, this is just daily practice, not creating masterpieces!

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