Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fueling your inspiration

I am completely sucked in to watching cooking shows lately. I always love watching cooking shows but the time to watch them is usually not available. Plus I have to compete with the boys for the TV sometimes, but today I was in a cooking mood, and I got that inspiration from watching others cook. I wish it were that easy with art. Beside occasionally catch old Joy Of Painting episodes at midnight they do not have many art shows on television. Such a shame!
Luckily artist are inspired by many subjects, so what refuels your inspiration? Usually plugging in my ipod and cracking up the tunes gets me inspired and submerged in my art. Unfortunately due to theft I am with out an ipod at this time, something I must replace soon.
Today I created pumpkin art! Pumpkin cranberry bread and Spiced Heirloom Pumpkin Pie. The bread turned out great, the boys loved it and the pie is cooling now. If it turns out well it may make it into my Thanksgiving menu.
Please share what inspires you to create.

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