Monday, November 12, 2012

In the Zone

Do you know when you are in the zone? Most days I am so busy, creating art is the last thing on my mind. But I need to be more aware of when I am in the zone and act on it. Today it was driving home from town, no boys, music cranked up and a feeling came over me. A feeling of peace and no worries about such things as dinner, homework, laundry, or baths. Now when I say no worries, this doesn't mean that I will not be completing these chores, but rather, I must change my thinking. I can hand off some chores to Daddy-O (after all he got his free time in the garage tonight), leave chores that can be done later, and crank up the music! Music is an escape from my non-stop mind, which allows me to create and feel joy!
Soon the little ones found me, as they always do, and wanted to draw as well. It is great to create alongside my boys and I am glad they love art as much as I do! In fact they goth got outstanding marks in art on their report card! Woohoo!
So here is some awesome work created by my youngest son tonight.

Drawing from a tin print on the dining room wall.

Even if you do not consider yourself an artist, please sit down and draw with your children. They may be an artist waiting to blossom! Even if we are not writers we read to our children, art is equally important.
Have a good evening!

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