Monday, November 5, 2012

Lazy Sunday

Make that lazy Saturday! Yesterday I was cooking/baking, but not much else. Today seemed to be going the same direction but then I decided to tie up a few to-do's on my list.
My art/sewing room is a project I have been avoiding. A recent picking expedition left me a small path to get into my room. This does not muster any creativity out of me at all!
Little bags of scraps were over flowing and stashed in various places making it difficult to find fabric for my projects. Little scraps are perfect for small projects, plus I have a future, not so small, project in mind to diminish my supply.
Organization can be so beautiful.

 A trip to the department store brought home three clear containers and a rainbow of scraps to my sewing room. Really my mess was not that bad but there were just some big pieces needing a home, besides it's really a shame to have your brother make you a custom art desk and not use it!
I find a constant battle in my mind over being overwhelmed with projects and not producing anything, to being focused and clear on a project and following through with it.
I try to roll with the waves, since life is never smooth sailing the whole way.
I ride out the lazy days and slowly work on small projects. Today's small projects were hemming some jeans, organizing my sewing supplies, and removing a tail and belly patch from last years Halloween costume. It feels good to accomplish these small tasks, perhaps I am on the start of an upswing.

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