Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas! AHHHH!

Okay so I snuck into my sewing room tonight to make some neck warmers for the boys since our walk to school this morning was a bit nippy on the face, and I accidentally caught a glimpse of my other sewing projects. (gulp) Well let's see, there is a cute top that I happen to have some white shantung like material for. This shouldn't take long and it would be perfect for that New Years party I'm invited to. There's some flannel waiting to be transformed into Santa sacs and flannel pajama bottoms for Daddy-O's birthday. Oh and there's a cream cable knit poncho that's destine to be throw pillows or a tree skirt. I also unearthed a bra, who's straps have lost their elastic that will work perfectly for some angel wing caps for my niece. So many projects so little time! I can get this done, I can do it! I better stock up on sugar and caffeine!

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