Monday, December 10, 2012

Art with my boys

Last night Harlon asked to paint with watercolors. I love that boy dearly, he reminds me of the painting I should be doing. Unfortunately I was in the middle of a Mrs. Claus costume for the school Christmas program, so I promised him we would do watercolor tonight, which ensures I will get some painting done too! I let the boys use my college watercolors, not the expensive paints but not the cheap crayolas. Tonight's theme? Well the boys have received many fascinating stories and wondrous gifts from the ocean via my aunt, and it is her birthday this Sunday SO I thought we'd create her some art. The boys had fun filling their page with some of the items she has sent them and other various mammals. I decide to paint one of the lovely cowrie shells she sent. The ocean has such beautiful treasures. Here are the results.

Harlon painted the large pinshell on the upper right painting.
James painted a conus seahshell on the upper left painting.
I loved spending time with my boys and watching them create. Plus I got to teach them ( and they didn't even whine about it), I showed them how to pick up paint with their brush when they got too much on their paper. Then we shared a pear and some cheese while reading, all in all a really great night. Not bad for a Monday, not bad at all.

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